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Anyone who knows Louie a�?Loua�? Gorbea probably knows his roots are in dance (danced with American Ballet Theatre and other dance companies as a young man). Those who love his work will probably agree that his excellence as a DJ and producer spring from his dancera��s intuitive understanding of how music moves people, both body and spirit. Loua��s focus funny hamlet essay titleson audience response makes each of his sets unique and infuses his production work with an essence that can simply cannot be faked

There are very few DJs that capture the imagination so thoroughly and this man is certainly one of those few. There are few who can cross genres fearlessly, Lou is most certainly one of them. Louie a�?Loua�? Gorbea is known as a DJa��s DJ, Lila�� Louie Vega introduced him during The Vega Family Get Together at Water Taxi Beach (2010) as his own personal favoricase study report writingte. If you havena��t had a chance to be on a dance floor where Louie a�?Loua�? is spinning,check him out onA�http://www.podomatic.com/lgorbeaA�. This veteran DJ brings the soulful heat with a touch of Latin flavor, and a deep knowledge of music across genres and eras, incorporating diverse sounds such as classic rock, disco & R&B through Latin and House styles. He is famous for spinning electrifying old school sets and burning up the dance floor with a blend of the classic and the new. Lou Gorbea has been broadcast on NY stations like KISS FM & WBAI, on the internet via outlets like Cyberjamz, Downshiftradio/UMFM, UM Radio Web, as well as on the popular satellite radio broadcasts via XM Radio. A true veteran of the New York scene, Lou has graced the decks alongside some of the royalty of the House scene, including Little Louie Vega, Jellybean Benitez, Victor Simonelli, Bobby & Steve, Joey Llanos and David Depino. He has played in such famous NY venues as DiscothA?que, Pacha, Copacabana, Paradise Reunion 2012, Union Square Ballroom, Shelter NYCity, Bar 13 NYCity, Santos Playhouse , Cielo, and Water Taxi Beach. His travels have included gigs in places like the Winter Music Conference (Miami, FL), and overseas in places like a�?Il Ciclope” (Marina de Camerota, Italy), Egg (U.K.), Ministry of Sound (UK), Club 00 and Living Room (Naples), One Happy Cloud (Athens), and Cava Paradiso (Mykonos, Greece), Weequahic Park, Newark, New Jersey.
Residency a�?Crossroadsa�?, NYCity , Crossroads Bi-Monthly Coffee Cave, Newark

Loua��s production work is a testimony to the depth of his knowledge about music and what moves peoplea��s minds and spirits. His DJ resumA� speaks for itself, as does the body of his production work, from his amazing collaboration with The Temple Dynasty & Chris Perez on a�?Keep Risinga�? through his work with AnanA� on her cover of Yoko Onoa��s a�?Walking on Thin Ice,a�? a�?Feeling Gooda�? (Jannae Jordon), a�?We Are Onea�? (Manchildblack), a�?Babalu Aye y Yemaya (Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez feat. Nina) a�?Somethinga��s Gotta Givea�? (Queen Aaminah) and a�?Free Man 2010a�? (with Duce Martinez). Is It The Way- Keith Thompson, Freeman a�� Vega Records, Trumpet Mantra, Nulu Music, Upcoming Releases- Missing You, Tribe Records, Oya’s Bembe feat.Nina, I Believe feat. Tia Holt (Omitutu Productions)Day By Day Feat. Amma(Omitutuproductions), Live The Life Feat. Scotty P (Omitutuproductions)

Lou Gorbea & Kat Ayalaa��s AshA� party ran successfully, on both sides of the Hudson River, for six years. Loua��s boat ride parties have included the annually anticipated a�?River/Oceana�? (with Little Louie Vega), a�?Luv Dancina��a�? (with Ruben Toro). Previous 1/3 of the monthly residency called a�?Wepa!a�? at Bar 13 in New York City.
a�?The Proof Is In The Groove a�� Louie Lou Gorbeaa�?:A�http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAZgSdjJDzs

To check out mixes, please visit:A�http://www.podomatic.com/profile/lgorbea

Contact for booking and/or production work: Louiegogo@aol.com